Welcome to Team Chaffin!

We are very honored and appreciative that of all the places on the Internet you could be right now, you are right here! To be honest, our little family has been waiting for a long time to stake out our corner of cyber-space to shout from the rooftops some very exciting news! Here at Team Chaffin, we have spent the last year in Jinja, Uganda adopting two beautiful boys and working at Amani Baby Cottage! That said, check out the site, watch, read, engage, join, pray, donate, and share!

-Bryan, Laura, and Elijah Chaffin

Getting Caught Up

We don't want anyone to feel like they are completely "out-of-the-loop," especially with something we're so excited about. Before going anywhere else in this site, take a few minutes and watch this short video to see a little bit about where we've been on this journey and, of course, where we feel led to go next! If you still want to know more about us, check out our About Page!

Through Our Eyes

As we journey through this experience, we will definitely keep everyone updated with stories, news, and fundraising ideas through our Blog Page.


Church Home

Our family is very blessed to have such a great home church to be sending us out as official missionaries. Please go see why we love calling First United Methodist Church of Alvin home!

Baby Cottage

As we live in Uganda for the year of fostering, we will serve as the Interim Directors of Amani Baby Cottage. Amani is located in Jinja, Uganda, and opened in 2003. It has served as a home to over 350 children. Please take a moment to visit Amani Baby Cottage at: www.AmaniBabyCottage.org 

Instagram: @thechafricans


We are so excited to announce that we have fully funded our adoption and living expenses. We are currently praying for donations towards 5 one-way tickets home to Texas, as finish up our adoption! 

Please join us as we finish the entire adoption with 5 plane tickets back to Texas. 

Updated December 18, 2017